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Dragons wake up & sleeping

£30 each


Wake Up Dragon - H30cm, W50cm, L30cm & Weight 37kg

Sleeping Dragon - H28cm, W50cm, L30cm & Weight 35kg



garden mirror triple


kissing girl


kissing boy


peter rabbit


poised dragon


watering girl


grape girl


garden bench


fantaatic garden bench comes in 3 pieces 2 legs @ 10kg each and top @ 30kg 

hands up buda


Height         60cm

Width           40cm  

Weight         18kg

standard planter


Height        40cm

Width         35cm

Weight       12kg

large planter


Height        60cm

Width          30cm

Weight        24kg

2 piece top and base 

easter island boy


Height         50cm

Width          30cm

Weight        10kg

easter island lovers


Height        50cm

Width          50cm (bottom)

Weight        15kg

gunman 'beware of owner'


Height        60cm

Width          35cm

Weight        18kg

shy lady + plinth

£28 shy lady £20 plinth

Height        100cm

Width          35cm

Weight        30kg

temple buda


Height        50cm

Width          40cm

Weight        17kg

venus + plinth

£30 Venus £20 plinth

Height        100cm      

Width          35cm

Weight        35kg

2 piece figure and plinth

Hercules + Plinth

£30 Hercules £20 Plinth

Height        120cm

Width          35cm

Weight        35kg

2 piece plinth and ornament 

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